Near Southside, Inc.

Near Southside, Inc. (NSI) is a private, member-funded, 501 (c)(4) nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing the Near Southside. Organizationally NSI runs with a small staff of four which relies heavily on stakeholders and volunteers to realize the vision of the community. NSI began as a small coalition of Near Southside businesses and community leaders and has grown dramatically over the last two decades. Woven with care, the fabric of our community is on display whether rain or shine.

Neighborhood concepts are re-imagined as the beneficial alliance between the medical district, small business owners and residents – each strengthen the unique selling points of the others. NSI bolsters members’ efforts amidst big city interests, which, in turn, protects the momentum of the neighborhood and, by extension, the community at large. We invite you to join us as we promote the ongoing redevelopment of the Near Southside as a vibrant, urban, mixed-use neighborhood.

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The History Of Near Southside

Established as Fort Worth’s first streetcar suburb early in the 20th century, the Near Southside soon became a vibrant extension of the central business district with streetcars hustling the growing community towards prosperity. In the fifty years following the Second World War, however, the central city fell into disrepair and was given over to economic withdrawal and a legacy of abandoned property as commercial and residential development shifted to the edge of the city. As a consequence, local leaders united to reestablish what made the neighborhoods of the Near Southside work in the first place. The story of any community begins with what they share; therefore a coalition of public and private stakeholders was formed including the City of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Transportation Authority and representatives from the Medical District. Sasaki Associates prepared the Strategic Plan in 1995 detailing a process for revitalization. Subsequently, Fort Worth South, Inc. was created to advocate on behalf of local interests according to the plan.

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Mike Brennan, AICP


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Megan Henderson

Director of Events & Communications

Megan Henderson

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Director of Urban Design & Placemaking

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Events & Projects Manager

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Becky Bethel

Office Manager

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