Hemphill and 8th Avenue Studies

Magnolia Village
South Main Village
Vickery Village
Medical Districts

Near Southside, Inc. will work in collaboration with the City and other community-minded organizations – including the Hemphill Corridor Task Force, neighborhood groups, and the district’s major hospitals – to study potential improvements to 8th Avenue and Hemphill.

To analyze the Southside’s two principal north-south corridors in collaboration with stakeholders, and produce a program – including cost estimates and implementation steps – for recommended street modifications that advance the goals outlined below.

1. Complete Street functionality for all users (people walking, driving, cycling, using scooters/wheelchairs, or riding transit)
2. Reduce or limit traffic congestion and delay
3. Improve safety for all users
4. Support existing and future businesses
5. Create street environment that supports community’s redevelopment vision
6. Maximize cost effectiveness of any proposed modifications

Geographic Scope
8th Avenue
Full distance: I-30W to the north, Mitchell Ave. to the south
Priority zone: Pennsylvania Ave. to Morphy St.

Hemphill Street
Full distance: Vickery Blvd. to the north, Biddison St. to the south
TIF #4 (funding source for study) segment: Vickery Blvd. to Allen Ave.