Magnolia Village Parking Circulation Study

Magnolia Village

A comprehensive study of parking and circulation within the Magnolia Village area, including the northern blocks of Historic Fairmount, is underway. This study looks into various strategies to optimize the effectiveness of on-street parking and considers the possibility of a resident parking permit program in Fairmount.

The study also considers the future of parking garage management and operations for two public garages: the existing Magnolia Green garage and planned Magnolia Hotel shared garage. Coordinating garage operations with on-street strategies that could include time restrictions, paid parking in certain locations, and/or resident permit parking is essential to creating a parking strategy for the district that works for all users. Better publicizing and utilizing garages, and integrating technology such as smart meters, will ensure any future changes promote the most efficient and convenient use of parking spaces in the district.

Download the preliminary on-street parking report with recommendations below.